Prancer Enterprise for Kubernetes Config Connector

SAN DIEGO, June 11, PRNewswire — Prancer enterprise is asserting a new characteristic for the Kubernetes Config connector KCC security check. With this new release, Chris Hood, Prancer’s platform can connect with git repositories and safety scan Google billow Kubernetes Config adapter KCC data. This move displays Prancer s dedication to lengthen the protection through numerous platforms and. about-face the security to the larboard at the hand of builders.

Prancer enterprise is the primary business to provide automatic security browse capability for Kubernetes Config adapter KCC files. Config adapter KCC

Deployed as a Kubernetes operator beneath the hood, KCC consistently reconciles the Kubernetes elements it manages with the present billow infrastructure to satisfy the preferred accompaniment in near real-time. This new skill affirms the eventual bendability of cloud supplies via leveraging, agreement as facts.

Prancer commercial enterprise has supplied The Kubernetes Config adapter KCC compliance guidelines in keeping with O Rego language and might be found in Prancer’s GitHub narrative:

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