Data and API Monetization with APM Terminals

In today’s world, it is more critical than ever for enterprises to ensure that their systems and services are as adaptable and profitable as possible. As the data economy begins to grow, what has become apparent is that APIs are key to build new business models, innovate their digital strategies, and grow partnerships. As companies begin to invest more heavily in their data, the question remains: how do companies actually drive revenue using APIs? In this episode, we are joined by APM Terminals a 20+ year old international marine terminal business managing key shipping data all over the world. We chat with David Francis, Head of Digital Products, and Paul Dunn, API Product Manager from APM Terminals to learn how companies can build new business models and grow revenue directly through the productization and monetization of data and APIs.
Special Guests:
David Francis – Head of Digital Products, APM Terminals – Introducing David Francis, Head of Digital Products, based in our Headquarters in the Hague, The Netherlands. David sits within the commercial organisation and has ultimate responsibility for this customer product, and all other digital products in the APM Terminals portfolio. David has over 15 years experience in developing digital solutions for customers across supply-chain, financial services and education.
Paul Dunn – API Product Manager, APM Terminals – Based in the UK, Paul Dunn is the day-to day product manager for a number of applications in the APM Terminals portfolio, including the recently launched API Store. With over 20 years product management experience across both B2C and B2B, Paul has a track record of delivering digital solutions across the media, advertising and supply-chain industries.
Watch An API Monetization Use Case: The Secrets to Creating a New Business Model with APIs.
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Learn how APIs powered digital transformation in 2020 and why they’ll be even more important in 2021.


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