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The financial services industry is evolving at a rapid pace, with shifting consumer expectations, new technologies, and developing regulatory requirements. Financial services firms need the right technology to help them stay agile and prepare for the future.
The cloud is a key point of leverage for firms looking to improve performance across a broad range of activities. Moving to the public cloud can advance operational resiliency, improve staff productivity, increase regulatory compliance and enhance business model innovation.
In this Episode, Chris Hood and Sam Maule are joined by Angel Diaz, VP of Technology Capabilities and Innovation at Discover, to discuss how Discover is establishing a framework for smaller, self-empowered engineering teams to drive innovation.
Angel Diaz – VP,Technology Capabilities & Innovation, Discover
Dr. Angel Luis Diaz is Discover Financial Services VP of Technology Capabilities & Innovation charged with leading an amazing team of engineers across the world to build the best technology products, platforms and communities to help everyone achieve a brighter financial future. Together, his team is focused on building engineering craftsmanship through the Discover Business Technology Way – engineering excellence, innovation, continuous learning, community and having fun! Angel is based in the Bay Area, California where he thrives in open source communities across Cloud, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Programing Languages and Blockchain – always grounded by product delivery.
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